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Pretty much same story, got stuck with a $1560 "warranty" compliments of finance company, and then Harmonic Balancer went, Wynn's paid for the balancer ($400) but I got stuck with the $100 deductable, $80 Diagnostic, $88 Serpentine Belt (belts "of course" are not covered, EVEN WHEN DESTROYED DUE TO WARRANTIED PART, and fluids. Now transmission is gone on same vehicle, firstly Wynn's wants the transmission REMOVED and DISASSEMBLED for their "adjuster" to see if it's a covered benefit or not, guess who gets the bill for over $400 labor if they decide it's not a covered warranty.

And they can at their discretion put in USED parts/transmission or whatever they (Wynn's) decide is the cheapest way to get out of their responsability, and of course I am going to get the bill for the $100 deductable, and probably $80 bucks for transmission fluid (it doesn't matter than transmission fluid is required for a transmission, fluid is not a covered benefit, and any thing that fluid DOESN'T touch, I'm going to get a bill for as well. I have never had to displeasure of working with a more unpleasant company in my life! For the top dollar they get for their warranties, the consumer should not get the 3rd (*** the 10th) degree everytime something needs fixed like it's our fault. If you do not want to have to cover repairs DON"T SELL WARRANTIES for a business.

I will spend the rest of my life working to get the word around to save anyone I can from this grief! Save your money and do regular maintenance on your vehicles, you'll make out in the long run!!

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for anyone in this situation with Credit Acceptance call 1-800-729-7633 x 4251 and tell them you want to cancel your extended warranty. They will put the money you paid for the warranty towards the end of the loan.

I just cancelled mine. Or fax a letter with your name, address, make and model of car, current mileage telling you want to cancel with your signature and fax to 1-866-302-2347 - Attention: Credit Acceptance.

They were very nice to me and there were no arguments about it. So if you want out follow the above instructions


is your name JANET WYNN ???????


Janet... would you care to share how it needs to be submitted or what needs to be said because I have a water pump that is clearly on teh warranty as being a covered item, but guess what they didn;t cover it.


It may be the way your Auto shop submitted it. We had winn's and never had a problem with it. It was the best thing ever.

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