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I purchased a 2002 Ford Explorer, financed through Credit Acceptance Corporation and it included a Wynn's full warranty. I had problems with the vehicle making various sounds from the engine area.

I took it to an authorized repair shop. They authorized "part" of the necessary repairs. Problems still existed and ultimately I took it to a different authorized shop. Wynn's claimed the first person caused the problem, even though the repairs he did were nowhere near the current problem.

Wynn's required the engine be pulled from the vehicle and to locate the problem. The shop I had it at, did everything they were asked to do. On top of that, they had an authorized Ford dealer mechanic come in and inspect it as well as 2 other certified mechanics. All of the people who looked at it verified that that problem is caused from normal wear.

Wynn's still would not cover it.

Now I have a truck with no engine, a useless warranty, and a credit company calling me and my husband at least 20 times a day harrassing me. Not only would I never recommend Wynn's, but I would not recommend Credit Acceptance Corporation (who subsuquently bought out Wynn's warranty company just prior to my purchase).

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I purchased a 2000 Dodge Dakota 4x4 from a nearby local dealership. The truck had a low 70,000 miles for the year, and appeared to be well maintained.

The Dealer / Owner said "WE DON'T SELL JUNK HERE!" After returning to the State of West Virginia to have it inspected, it failed. In my sales purchase, it said "AS IS" but I was charged $1,578.00 for a Wynn's Extended Warranty. The warranty paid for the wheel bearings, and tie rod ends, but I was left paying for the tax, a majority of the labor costs, a majority of the allignment bill, and they refused to pay for the upper and lower ball joints, which they say are non lubricated parts, which I totally disagree. I had to pay a $100 deductible, plus $600.00 out of pocket for these repairs.

This Warranty is a rip off, which you will totally regret buying. Was I required to buy this Warranty since it was financed through credit acceptance?

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