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i bought a car in April 2012 through credit acceptance. i was not aware that i was getting an extended warranty until september when my car broke down.

i was driving on the highway heading to pennsylvania, when all of a sudden my car started to lose power. i proceeded to pull over, once i did the car shut off. i opened the hood to bellowing white smoke coming out. i called a tow truck to tow me to the nearest service station ($97.00).

upon the head mechanic looking at it, it was determined that the engine seized. i then had to have the car towed back to NY from PA ($884.00). now that was 9/8/12. when it got to my family mechanic that we had been using for years, he called Wynn.

they told him that he had to break down the whole enige to pieces and when he does that to then call back and they will send an adjuster, but they will only cover 2 hours of the labor to break it down. 2 hrs of labor? last i checked i drove a car not a go-kart. even after my mechanic explained to the customer service rep who might i add has not a clue as to what makes a car run, told her that there is a huge hole it the block that can be seen with the motor still in the car.

she replied "no" it needs to be in pieces. the adjuster came and said "why is this whole motor apart? i can see the problem from here!" the new motor had been approved. my mechanic calls me and tells me that the new motor has been put into the car and is running great.

but because of everything locking up when the engine seized, causing the transmission mount to break. Wynn will not cover that, nor will they cover the oil, oil filter, air filter, 2 sensors and a starter. all in the result of the enige seizing. now the cause of engine failure?

a bird has made his nest in the catalita converter which prevented lubrication to the engine.

as of today 10/3/12 i still do not have my car because wynn has still not payed them!!!!!!!!! and out of my pocket $962.47....someone needs to shut this company down!!!

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for anyone in this situation with Credit Acceptance call 1-800-729-7633 x 4251 and tell them you want to cancel your extended warranty. They will put the money you paid for the warranty towards the end of the loan.

I just cancelled mine. Or fax a letter with your name, address, make and model of car, current mileage telling you want to cancel with your signature and fax to 1-866-302-2347 - Attention: Credit Acceptance.

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