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I had bought a 03 dodge durango from a dealership. I was completely satisfied with the vehicle.

And the salesman sold me a warranty that was supposed to be the top of the line. Well apparently he was wrong. My rack and pinion went up and my power steering pump went up. I took it to the mechanic and he called wynns.

Well they said they would call him back. He waited a week and he eventually called again they said the same thing. He waited and called waited and called. Months went by I was still without a vehicle and I was highly pissed.

He finally just fixed it and it cost $1000 dollars. The warranty company said they wouldn't fix it because he never put a claim in and they don't pay for repairs done before a claim is put in. They even had the nerve to say there was no record of him calling. Now I'm stuck with a bill that they should be paying.

Its nice to know you pay thousands of dollars for warrantys and even while they are still under warranty they still wanna f**k you. So to anyone who is planning on buying a car never EVER get the wynns warranty.

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hey why dont everyone get together ad start a class action lawsuit against wynns


Purchased 2003 jeep grand Cherokee along with a WYNN's warranty for $1393.00 at Northstar auto sales. I picked this plan because I was told I could use this at any dealer.

One month later the problem begins. I go to Jeep Chrysler in NYC and guess what? They don't accept this plan. I call WYNN's and they said that I have to search and search for a authorized dealer, the problem my car is leaking fuel.

Now the repair bill is 1700. DONT PURCHASE WYNN!!!


2 kinds of that has *** you and one thats fixing to *** you.

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