We took our car to the mechanic where we got our car from and instead should have taken it to our family mechanic. When they called and told them about the transmission and the wheel bearing. They said we had to pay $1000 up front for the tear down of the transmission so they could see what the problem was. On top of that if they don't cover it we have to pay 3000. So pretty much it is 4000 all together. Who the *** has that kind of money to shell out?

When I called to file a complaint they hung the phone up on me. So pretty much they are disgrace as a company and causing everyone grief also they don't know what the *** they are doing when they are talking to a mechanic.

All we needed was our transmission flushed and a new pressure bearing. Seriously need to tear down a transmission for that ***?

Review about: Wynns Usa Warranty.

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