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I bought a 2011 Ford Fusion SE AWD. I didnt have it for two months and a bearing in the transfer case "P.T.U." failed and ate up the gears inside of the case. I was denied at first because "the vent tube was clogged". I disputed this as a vent tube disapates pressure built up, not heat or anything else. Therefore it is impossable to "clog" what has happened is the drive shaft bearing on the side failed and some of the bearings went into the pinion gear chewing everything up. This caused metal shavings in the case that, when mixed with the gear oil (75w140), turned it thick like grease. This is what was in the vent tube as a result of the failure. I discussed this with them and so did the dealership I sent it to and they reopened the case. At this time they sent a "Private party" inspector(thats what i thought an ASE certified tech was as well) to evaluate tge damage. They then denied my claim due to contamination. There is absolutly no way on this earth to know that is true given the amount of metal shavings from the failure, unless thats what the "contamination" they speak of is. In wich case, duh!! There were metal parts eaten up inside the case, theres going to be some "contamination"None the less, i am going to pay for the repair, and my attourney is going to go after them to get me my money plus loss for the time the car was down, attourney fees, the payments i made while the car was not usable, my daughters time without her vehicle as i am borrowing hers, and the shops time their stall was taken up as they make them tear everything down and now the car is stuck on the lift unable to be moved until i have the money to fix it. The shop is pissed. I am pissed. I have a FULL drivetrain warrenty. I took it to a dealership as i didnt want to do the work myself and have them think i was lieing. I am a certified tech myself with 20 years experience and diagnosis. This one will be fun in court. Im not going to go easy as what they do is horeshit. I want the money i paid for the warrenty back in my pocket to go tworads the repair but thats not even an option. It goes twoards the car. ??? ***. That was the majority of my down payment and not relative to the car loan itself. Do not back down from these guys. They are obligated and are ripping people off left and right. Get your info together, go to ASE shops, get an attourney, and do not settle. Soon they will realize that honoring their warrenty will be cheaper than shelling out for losses in the long run. I have pics of the damage, the failure, the notes from the certified mechanic that inspected it, and the dealerships info... They wont even tell me who they had hired to look at it. They paid someone to come look at my car but "do not have his name or information". I wanted to know if the inspector was even certified for diagnoses. There should be a a class action suit. What a scam and a joke. See you guys in court Wynn.

No one from Wynn need to contact me as ive tried and gave you the chance to honor your end of the contract twice.

Signed,A certified tech/paying American customer.

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